Visit the Zoo negara Part 2 : Mammals photo session

After finish snapping the bird session we go furthere for the mammals photo shooting. And here to apologize to Nkwai coz I have forgot her sister also involve for this trip…lolz. Ask her don’t be shy to take photos ok!!

There was an Elephant perfomance by 10 am. The elephants itself got thier own name. The female call Siti and the male I forget already.

After the show end. We walk around and we even do some jumping shot on the spot.

I spy shot them while they shooting the animals.

Tiger shot with action.

Close up shot. A bit under …hehe sorry.

The lion

The red fox.

The deer.

The old boar.

The Rhino.

My post stop until here. stay tune yar…see you all on tonight blogger gathering!!!

8 thoughts on “Visit the Zoo negara Part 2 : Mammals photo session

  1. huei

    nice wild boar! but they r so “lun chun”..last time i saw them..the mummy squashed her baby to death..haih

    i told u that b4 did i? previous comments? hehehe i know i commented that somewhere b4

    i like the fox!!!!!!

  2. cc

    The zoo posts made me feel nostalgic. Used to go there when I was little.
    Great photos again! What camera are you using? I’m thinking of getting a dslr

  3. Liew Post author

    Huei: when I go snap the wild boar most of them were sleeping..lolz. Yeah!! Dumb mummy boar….lolz and thankz for the compliments.

    CC: Oh yeah, this was my 3rd time to go there. The 1st time I remember I was still in primary school. I am using Lumix DMC-FZ50.

    CC: Canon 400D with IS lense 17-85mm and prime lense 50mm F 1.8

  4. fattien

    JJ: look nice but there are very busuklah….lolz. Dun play playlah…those animals kinda dangerous.

    Khengsiong: hahaha…I have no idea at all. btw, thankz for dropping by.

    X: Yoz!!! thankz for the compliments.

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