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Congratulations to Jeff and Ting Wedding Ceremony.

已经很久没有更新我的部落格的内容了,真得很抱歉!! 我最近所拍的照片累积到hardisk都容不下了,我想下一次应该有很多题材写吧。除此之外, 我也把blogtheme都更换了而且我在想白色的theme或许会令我坚持写下去。反而黑色的theme给我很沉默和懒惰的感觉,心里作用吧!!
I have to apologize for didn’t upload my blog for long period. Currently, I been doing a lot of photo shootings and my hardisk has almost out of space. Hopefully they will be more entry coming soon. Besides, I have change my blogtheme to white version. Dark theme might making my site look dawn and lazy so I give it a change.

关于这对新人的婚事,我想应该已经过了一个月了。 在这次拍摄手法上我做了一些颜色上的改变,我降低了颜色的饱和度同时调高色调和温度。再经过PS的过程便呈现以下照片。
This post had been pending for almost one month already. I have done some changes on my color style by boosting up the contrast and tempreture. At the same time I tone down the color and saturation. After process in photoshop and its show like the picture below.

团体照片。Group pics.

While taking this shots my lens being spread by the juice but lucky it doens’t harm to my lens after clean it off.

再次恭祝这两位新人白头到老。And again to congratutions this pair couple Jeff and Ting in advance


Behind the scene

Sorry for not updating my blog again. I was busy touching photos and my current work on office. This time I going to post up behind the scene while shooting weddings.





A Big day for Bee and Brandon(morning session)

This wedding photo session I done it with Ahkwong six weeks ago. I was thinking to post it up early but there was a few weddings post stick together that might make readers confuse that my blog was a wedding blog. I would rather concentrate more wedding photos to AM site better. By the way, that pass few months I was busy on wedding shootings and photos touching. Doing hobby as a job is good but over doing it will draging down my passion on photography. It was kinda feeling boring that time, less hanging out with other bloggers and less activity.

Recently I really less blog my personal in this blog and some readers did tell me to write something about my past and myself. Sorry about this coz I don’t feel secure to write my personal here and maybe I will try write a new blog. I knew evertbody have thier own disastifaction, complains, hiden issues and words to released but somehow my blog was known to many ppl include my colleagues, ex-colleagues, relatives, ex-classmate, so and so. Now my blog become more to photos and sharing, readers increasing suprisingly compare to last 2 years. To avoid issues happens and I woudls prefer to write carefully, write less and just photos. Anyhow, I have to congratulation to this couples Bee and Brandon in advance.

相隔了六个星期,我终于把这册婚宴照片放在此post。 我记得当时是跟康一起拍的而且也已经告一段落。为了避免读者误以为我的blog是wedding形式我得隔了几个post才更新的。将来有更多的婚礼照还是专注在AMsite的好。除此之外,婚礼照拍多的话还是会累得况且花了很多时间touching photos也倒至很少到户外去拍照和参与别的活动。无论如何,我也在此深深祝贺这对新人百年好合。