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PHOEBE 菲比 FIRST EP LAUNCH photo session at Sungei Wang

It was a super rushing day for me last Saturday, I run over to Sungei Wang to see Phoebe 菲比 first ep launch. I heard that many bad news happen to her durring her new album. She had spend 9 yrs for waiting her 1st album but yet many people still have to tease and crictics on her. Anyhow, I still support although I am not a big fans of her. Want to know more details (click but chinese article, sorry ar!!)

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Meet Phoebe, one of MY FM’s announcers during her first EP launch at 2pm on 29th September 2007 at the Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza and get a free t-shirt personally designed by Phoebe and others freebies!Besides being successful as radio announcer, Phoebe also loves singing. Her EP first plug (Magic in Love) is currently aired on radio.

The host


Pheobe live on stage with the song – chu dian
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Pheobe potrait
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Friends come from overseas to support her albums with flowers, very touching scene!!!

Zoom out
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Zheng Wei Kang (Sorry, if spelling wrong) came to support too!!!
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Flowers from Nicholas Teo…

Who want to join on stage!!!
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The Fans
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Capture this from one of the fan’s flower – all the best to you!!!

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MCA CONCERT for Merdeka : Malaysia Jiwa & Semangatku 2007 All-Stars Concert

Last Saturday Night I join Lynn, Nkwai, Eugene, Eri and Anston for this Malaysia Jiwa & Semangatku 2007 All-Stars Concert on Sept 15. The place was located at Dataran Merdeka, since I have come here for many years already but it still so beautiful here.
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We have a group photo at the Merdeka Field there. I am really appreciated to the Rela uncle who bring us in that night coz we didn’t bring along the entry ticket. So we can snap picture for more easy.
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u guys can link this image!!

The show start but still have to wait for an hour for the minister and datuk speech. After that got advertisement and so so….
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This two people snapping like nobody business there. I took thier photos but just ignore concentration can!!!


The two hosts of the night.


Astro Talent Quest 2006 Champion Anthony Chang


Zax Lee


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Mayday五月天 concert at Sungei Wang 4th floor carpark

After MATTA fair we rush over Sungei Wang to Meet Ahkwong and Myin. It was around 6pm already and there was 2 event happen in Sungei Wang which is Hunk together start by 7pm and Mayday 五月天 start by 8pm. This will be rushing like hell man. We either can only choose one for the photo shooting.

We went to the 4th floor to check out the environment for Mayday concert found it was rainy.


We scare out camera will rosak so we give up the Mayday concert. After finishing the ‘Hunk together’ and our meal found there still got time and the rain stop by 8.45pm. Sorry hiew!!! cannot get u the poster.

We try our luck this time see wether can get any snap or not. Em!!! not as many people as SHE concert. lucky!!! Still manage to get some pics but not so clear enough and high noise image again. We dun have ticket that day so only can shoot from far.


Here to intro a bit of 五月天, is a Taiwanese rock band that originated in the late 1990s but has since become one of the biggest rock bands in the Taiwanese pop culture, thus receiving a range of accolades as well as moving records all over the world.

The band involve members of Chen Hsin Hung (陳信宏, the vocal and guitarist), Wen Shang Yi (溫尚翊, the guitar), Shih Chin-hang (石錦航, the guitar), Tsai Shen-yen (蔡昇晏, bass), Liu Yen-ming (劉諺明, the drum).

Randoms pics of the band





The atmosphere was great there!!! I really love the concert…wee!!!


The ending section, Ashin said bye and thankz to us


The Autography session, ouch so many people blocking my way to snap!!!


Ahkwong with his D200!! hope he really can get nice pics coz I dun have tripod that night. My post end up here!!


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