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Shorcut to produce infrared picture by using Photoshop filter : Color Efex Pro

Actually there was many way to create infrared pictures, you can choose color adjustment under image for changing the color levels, contrast, color balance, hue and saturation. By the way you also need to do some masking and blending option over the layers.

To shorten all the way I have used this photoshop plugin “Nik Color Efex Pro”. Is was very easy all you need is just click the effect all the way so you can have various effect so just look at the difference of the picture below:

Original photo – color look normal
before infrared

After applying the filter in photoshop – glamorous colors
after infrared

after infrared

I know that some of the people might felt that image must come with original and pictures with added effect are fake so it depend on yoular. Sometimes effect can make bring out some mood for the pics as well. So let me introduce this software below:

Color Efex pro

Color Efex pro

Color Efex pro

The layout of the adobe photoshop plugin : color efex pro.

Just choose any color theme you want. So i selected Infrared film.

For other step to make ur image more detail you can adjust the blending option at the layer pallete. Ok my post end up here.

Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2007

Last few days ago I have been particapating this Microsoft Tech-Ed Sea 2007 At KL Convention Center. Get this information from Joan aka Food lover and Eugene blog. I am assigned in the Live! Search part as a volunteer that evening and my task was giving forms to the crowd to fill in the blanks.


This was my first time to participate this kind of event and I guess that I am kinda lucky to come in here as a volunteer coz I heard that other people need to paid almost RM1.3k to get in this Microsoft’s premier and largest annual conference in South East Asia(as stated Tech-Ed “SEA”), focuses on current and upcoming soon-to-be-released Microsoft products.

I work ther until 9 something. After that I got some time to take some pictures around there.


Live! Fest activities kinda rox, I really enjoy here.



The Microsoft Tech-Ed’s Butterfly Gals


Meet Serena C


At the same time I get to know many famous blogger and knew some new friends here. So happy and suprise can!!! But sorry that some of the photos were blur okie!!!

Me and Eugene


Jenifer (Left) and Cherrie Gal(Right)


Left was Jenifer and right was me

Hungwei(left) and me right


Me left and Cherrie right

Me (Left) and Smashpop (Right)


Joan aka Foodlover (Left) and Rames (Right)

Me (left) and Ku (right)


Ivan(left) and Me (right)

It was an unforgetable night that day. My post end up here!!

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Create simple 3D with Swift3D

First of all, I have to thanks to my buddies by updating my birthday post, so here is the link

I am quite heache on uploading post nowadays, either food post or event post?! My friends told me that they expecting something special for my latest post. So….erm then I creating this yesterday by using 2 hours, a 3D mini space Jet! I suppose to upload this to my another new blog but still not done which called Tidalxxxxx(coming soon, which was about my portfolio, tutorial and art stuff). It was quite a freak feeling when I posing this.

So first of all I have plan to draw a simple scatch on my little jet, then I separate into parts and trace it in softwares like Illustrator, Flash, corel any software u like which finally can output into eps format.

and then import into Swift 3D.

Easy for begginers
-create simple vector 3D
-Simple Animation
-Web projects
-Can output to Image, eps, ai, Video and SWF
for more details u can go to this site

So I extrude and lathe all the objects which import from eps. You can use some objects like cube or square shapes from the tool box so you no need to go to create outline from other vector softwares. Besides, this software got a mode for users to skatch shapes unless the shape are complicated.

There are some shapes u might need to tune the points and polygons.

Combine all the objects together then u will saw the creation of it, and it is all depend on your imagination.

Render it and output to layers files then import to photoshops by adding fire and motion blur effect. So tang tang!!!! this was my final art work and I put it to my sidebar.

Sorry guys, I know the progress was not details enough and the 3D jet very very normal only. It will be more details when I have setup another blog and I will notice it as soon as possible.

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