Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2007

Last few days ago I have been particapating this Microsoft Tech-Ed Sea 2007 At KL Convention Center. Get this information from Joan aka Food lover and Eugene blog. I am assigned in the Live! Search part as a volunteer that evening and my task was giving forms to the crowd to fill in the blanks.


This was my first time to participate this kind of event and I guess that I am kinda lucky to come in here as a volunteer coz I heard that other people need to paid almost RM1.3k to get in this Microsoft’s premier and largest annual conference in South East Asia(as stated Tech-Ed “SEA”), focuses on current and upcoming soon-to-be-released Microsoft products.

I work ther until 9 something. After that I got some time to take some pictures around there.


Live! Fest activities kinda rox, I really enjoy here.



The Microsoft Tech-Ed’s Butterfly Gals


Meet Serena C


At the same time I get to know many famous blogger and knew some new friends here. So happy and suprise can!!! But sorry that some of the photos were blur okie!!!

Me and Eugene


Jenifer (Left) and Cherrie Gal(Right)


Left was Jenifer and right was me

Hungwei(left) and me right


Me left and Cherrie right

Me (Left) and Smashpop (Right)


Joan aka Foodlover (Left) and Rames (Right)

Me (left) and Ku (right)


Ivan(left) and Me (right)

It was an unforgetable night that day. My post end up here!!

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2007

  1. Liew Post author

    Princess Eileen: Can said so, hahaha Microsoft tech-ed roxks.

    Hung Wei : can, no problem!!!! can give me your yahoo mail or gmail?

    Huei: U got mari!? I only volunteer for one day only.

  2. huei

    i was there!!! hehe but i didnt go to the life fest..just came out of a track..had light dinner then left

    u were incharge of the butterfly girl’s counter?

    so many bloggers! omg! i didn’t notice any! me so blur x(

  3. Liew Post author

    Huei: Ohhh, I was inside the hall near entrace there giving the forms to the people. Cherrie and Jenifer was at the counter there. Nvm, next year want to join us for this event.

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