Hottest Hunks Rock the Catwalk of Sungei Wang Plaza!!

I have been postpone this post almost a week already since it was as same day as Mayday’s promo concert by 8th of September. This event Hunks Together was Organised by Newtide and Newicon for Him Magazines, the hunks together event is specially organised in conjunction with The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2007/08 Competition.

Crowd and pack that evening. I think I saw 70% of males compares to females that day. It should be more gals right?
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What a suprise that day!!! We met Ting Yen as our secondary school classmate. She change a lot wei and I can’t even recognise her but Myin did!!!


Before the show start the Body combat or can call as Body Jam start 1st. It was a very energetic dance!!


The Host KK


Random pics of the Hunks and interview




After that , got male model fashion show. I saw my senior from secondary school as well call Xu Hung Lian.



Awards was given to the previous year model.
Muscle and six pack…woh!!!!


Another famous model here. Jaffrey Cheng



My post End up here. more events coming up 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Hottest Hunks Rock the Catwalk of Sungei Wang Plaza!!

  1. Princess Eileen

    Wah, next time got this type of event, tell me in advance. Wakakaka…. But I still have the image of you jumping in the air embedded in my mind. Need a lot of other pictures to replace that. Wakakaka…. Sorry I keep reminding you of this 😛

    Now I only know Malaysia got so many hot hunks… I wonder where they are at normal times???

  2. ahkwong

    eh fatty when u become one of the hunk man? besides tat, princess u can start imagine fatty in hunk man style on the air… off his clothe with t-bag only… hahaha~~

    perhaps we got hunk man studio shoot for him lol

  3. Liew Post author

    Princess Eileen: hahahaha….. Sure!!! no problem sure will let you know. You Can found them at some of the fashion shows.

    Ahkwong: ahkwong!!! gr…….!!!! u better watch out:P

    Wahlau.Net: yes!!!

  4. pikey

    hmmm…. well.. the reason the audience is 70% males is because…. because.. it’s obviously right? It’s more for the ‘alternative lifestyle’ if you get what i mean.

    And most of the readers of New Icon, are people of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ too..

  5. Princess Eileen

    ahkwong & Liew: Now that image is traumatizing…. I dun really like buff guys & too skinny guys. Fattien in hunk man photo shoot….. Oh my….. Hehe… maybe…. ahkwong u taking for Fattien again ar? 😛

  6. Liew Post author

    Princess Eileen: Ar!!! Ta meh yo!!! Duwanlah

    Ahkwong: 😛

    conana_cat: I didn’t read this megazines before!!!boleh borrow moh.

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