Blogger Gathering at curve Marche : 2007

Sorry for delaying the post and I have to update this Blogger Gathering 1st. Last Friday was a great night, special thankz for the hosts Evelynholic and Princess Eileen. The gathering was so sucessful and well done!! The food of Marche was a bit expansive but was still oklah and the most important we get many bloggers together. And it was so much fun.

The food from Marche, I not quite remember the price. Everything was okay but only the sausage is not too good enough.

It just so crazy that night and we almost make Marche like disco place. This was because most of us have big toy and flash gun. Flash none stop that night and we didn’t realise that camera was not allow at this restaurant until we finish our gather party and look outside the restaurant label rules….lolz.

For all the bloggers of this gathering can link or copy the image from here. I have to apologized that I can’t manage to send out all the pictures. Hope the picture is enough big orelse you can require it from my chat box or add my msn It not just a blogger gathering but also christmas party earlier. So each of us has prepare a gift and change gift with numbering.

I get my lucky number and it was 23!!! It was a cute piggy and the gift was from Maegen aka Maefeu. Thank you!!!! :D. Sorry that day coz didn’t manage to talk with you.

Maegen, Jo and me

Khengsiong and me

Hungwei and me

The host : Evie and Princess Eileen

Kim Fei and me

Tim and me

Huei and me

Thomas and me

Aaron, Evie and me

Yatz and his gal fren.

Mich and Evie

Huei and Abby

Calvin and me

Catherine and Lynn

Me, Aaron and Joshua

Ahkwong and Anston

Me and eugene


Anston with his gift

Abby have chosen my gift. The pair of cutie turtle.

Huei with her gift

Group Photo, Sorry that I might miss somebody in the blogger gathering… I post until here. I still got somemore pics haven’t upload yet. I try my best to send you to all of your email.

Additional Family photo that grab from Mich
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Very tired already.. good nite everybody.

13 thoughts on “Blogger Gathering at curve Marche : 2007

  1. evelynholic

    Oooh nice sets of pictures, thanks for the pics too by the way 😉 Eyyye you forgot to mention how well you danced that night ler… so cute ^^ wukakakakaka….

  2. 3POINT8

    Hahaha…you guys snapped so many photos and at the end of it u guys realised that no cameras allowed in marche??
    might as well snapped a photo of the sign..

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  5. Liew Post author

    evelynholic: where got, Paisehlar.. You also not bad..hehe. looking for the next blogger gathering!!!! 😀

    3point8:lolz… I place it there already. I forget to post up that pic and thankz for the reminding. Btw, nice to meet you.

    Karjohn & komankhe82 : thanks for the linking

    Apple: The foods is ok but the price expansive. The gathering was great!!! Want to join us for the next gathering?

    Maegen: I just only a few dishes not all lah…lolz. the chicken belong to Joshua one and the Salmon salad belongs to Huei one. Nice to meet you and lov u gift!! HUG*

    Huei: no problem!!! we come out yum cha next time…hahaha

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