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Secondary School Classmates Chinese New Year Gathering

Here came another gathering for my secondary school classmate gathering during last Saturday. I was so tired that day due to just finish the wedding photography for the morning session then I have to rush to get my hair cut. Anyhow it was so happy as I didn’t see them for almost a year and get so excited. So click here to refer back the gathering last year.

The gathering was held on Cheras Leisure Mall behind the Tai Tong Restaurant for dinner session. This time we invited two VIP which was our Belove Mathematic Teacher Mr loh and Headmistress of the Confucian Private secondary school Mrs Yong. Anyhow have to thankz Mok for organizing this, the event planner Gan Chun Keong and the one who responsible contact all of us Joanne. You all were well done.


The wishes we send to our belove teachers. Anyhow, there was one of our Physical teacher was still fighting for cancer and receiving treatment from Hospital . I have called Mok just that he just went home from Hospital. Hope he can heal as soon as possible and be strong as ever to fight this sickness.


Below was our random pictures. Forget to tell that Lynn, Ahkwong and Anston was same classmate before.

From Left to right: Myin, Our Bio techer Mrs Yong, Ahkwong, Ahmok and Lynn.

Me and Joanne

From left to right: Lala aka Shu Wen as mother of the child, Pei Hung and Li Fang

From Left ti right: Ahkwong, myin, Chun Keong and Joanne

Me and Louis.

Me and Ahmok.

From Left to Right: Pei Hung, Li Fang, Louis, Myin and Tze Min.

From Left to Right: Me, Keifai and Louis.

(Top) From Left to Right: Lynn, Myin and Louis
(BottoM) From Left to Right: Kwong, Our Mathematic Teacher Mr Loh, Joanne and Wei Shuan

From Left to Right: Lynn, Huai Yuen and Myin.

From Left to Right: Lian, Our Science Teacher Mrs Yong and Keem.

Zie Hou and Huan

Our Group picture

As you guys and gals want the picture please drop messeage to my comment. I will email the photos to you and see you all next year :D. Gong Xi Fatt Cai. ^_^

My Birthday of 2008

Oh well!!! it was a very unforgetable night yesterday!!! Really thanks to anyone who celebrate with me yesterday night at Cheras Wong Kok Char Chang Teng. Want to said thankz to my family that prepare me a great meal yesterday night. By the way, I also have to thankz for all my friend who have send me msg with birthday wishes and all the readers which drop Birthday wishes in my site chatbox and comments.

This year mean 26 years old to me. Talk about Birthday wishes oh yes!!! I wish to be slim like ever before… and everybody will be happy and healhty life. Thankz for the cake below and the gifts!!! so touching can coz I never have cake for 2 years already…
My Birthday

The people who attend my Birthday gathering included : Hungwei, Mich, Joshua, nkwai, Ahkwong, Aaron, Myin, kimfei, Hiew and Eugene. SUPER THANKZ FOR COMING!!!!!

The Big Big Nai Cha, it was the first time I drink this.
My Birthday

The gifts : both super love yar!!!! everything in red..lolz
My Birthday

All the randoms picture of my Birthday celebration……
my Birthday

my Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

The Group Picture!!! My post end up here!!Thankz again 😀
My Brithday

Blogger Gathering at curve Marche : 2007

Sorry for delaying the post and I have to update this Blogger Gathering 1st. Last Friday was a great night, special thankz for the hosts Evelynholic and Princess Eileen. The gathering was so sucessful and well done!! The food of Marche was a bit expansive but was still oklah and the most important we get many bloggers together. And it was so much fun.

The food from Marche, I not quite remember the price. Everything was okay but only the sausage is not too good enough.

It just so crazy that night and we almost make Marche like disco place. This was because most of us have big toy and flash gun. Flash none stop that night and we didn’t realise that camera was not allow at this restaurant until we finish our gather party and look outside the restaurant label rules….lolz.

For all the bloggers of this gathering can link or copy the image from here. I have to apologized that I can’t manage to send out all the pictures. Hope the picture is enough big orelse you can require it from my chat box or add my msn aeonsaga@hotmail.com. It not just a blogger gathering but also christmas party earlier. So each of us has prepare a gift and change gift with numbering.

I get my lucky number and it was 23!!! It was a cute piggy and the gift was from Maegen aka Maefeu. Thank you!!!! :D. Sorry that day coz didn’t manage to talk with you.

Maegen, Jo and me

Khengsiong and me

Hungwei and me

The host : Evie and Princess Eileen

Kim Fei and me

Tim and me

Huei and me

Thomas and me

Aaron, Evie and me

Yatz and his gal fren.

Mich and Evie

Huei and Abby

Calvin and me

Catherine and Lynn

Me, Aaron and Joshua

Ahkwong and Anston

Me and eugene


Anston with his gift

Abby have chosen my gift. The pair of cutie turtle.

Huei with her gift

Group Photo, Sorry that I might miss somebody in the blogger gathering… I post until here. I still got somemore pics haven’t upload yet. I try my best to send you to all of your email.

Additional Family photo that grab from Mich
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Very tired already.. good nite everybody.