My Birthday of 2008

Oh well!!! it was a very unforgetable night yesterday!!! Really thanks to anyone who celebrate with me yesterday night at Cheras Wong Kok Char Chang Teng. Want to said thankz to my family that prepare me a great meal yesterday night. By the way, I also have to thankz for all my friend who have send me msg with birthday wishes and all the readers which drop Birthday wishes in my site chatbox and comments.

This year mean 26 years old to me. Talk about Birthday wishes oh yes!!! I wish to be slim like ever before… and everybody will be happy and healhty life. Thankz for the cake below and the gifts!!! so touching can coz I never have cake for 2 years already…
My Birthday

The people who attend my Birthday gathering included : Hungwei, Mich, Joshua, nkwai, Ahkwong, Aaron, Myin, kimfei, Hiew and Eugene. SUPER THANKZ FOR COMING!!!!!

The Big Big Nai Cha, it was the first time I drink this.
My Birthday

The gifts : both super love yar!!!! everything in red..lolz
My Birthday

All the randoms picture of my Birthday celebration……
my Birthday

my Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

The Group Picture!!! My post end up here!!Thankz again 😀
My Brithday

16 thoughts on “My Birthday of 2008

  1. maegen

    yoyoyo … another Capricorn here ?? haa~ well .. happy belated b’day to u … hmm… if deduct the yr then u just younger me fe days muahaaa~ 😛

  2. Eri

    im so sorry ah
    couldnt come to your bday makan-main-makan party. lol
    i was so busy until i only slept 2 hrs ytd till now.. LOL]

    anyway, happy belated birthday and may all your dreams come true!

  3. haan

    “I wish to be slim like ever before…”

    why it seems like a typical wish that every girl will typically make???

    nice chocolate cake!! (I’m a die-heart chocoholic)

    wish u all the best in the “new” year..

  4. jian

    Happy belated birthday ^^

    come I ask miao sing you a song…
    Meow meow meow meow~
    Meow meow meow~~
    Meow meow meow meow~
    Meow meow meow~~



  5. Liew Post author

    maegen: hey!!! thankz for the wishes!! You also capricorn ya?!

    Hungwei: thankz!!! love you my Sum boh!!

    ahkwong: I duwan fatter T_T

    Clive: thankz!! hehe

    Mich: thankz for the reminding and I sure will keep fit!!

    Jane: wow!! another capricorn here!! thankz for the wishes

    Chingy: I will keep fit de!!! thankz anyway 😀

    Eri: Is ok!! busy ur stuff 1st!! next time belanja me makan, okey? 😀

    haan: I super love that cake lolz!!! I eat the biggest portion that night!!! thankz for the Bday wishes

    Jian: lolz, Meow meow!!! haha. Thankz anyway 😀

    Amei79: thank you so much!!

    Khengsiong: Not to late…!!! thankz 😀

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