Visit the Zoo Negara : Birds photography session

This was the third time going to Zoo Negara since i have been not going there for half year already. Nothing changes but the smell of the zoo was still remain sucks . Purpose of coming to zoo is to test my photo skills again compare to the previous one.


More people came this time, there was Nkwai, Mich, Hiew, Anston, Lee Peng, Lee Peng’s sister and Lee Peng’s friends. Besides, the weather was just great at the morning. The birds here was open free so you can get close to snap them but beware of the mad old goose..lolz

The scenery inside the Zoo.

I possing bird photos for this post. We got a lot of fun time during that place. So let see what we shot there…

The lonely peacock.

The funny parrot.

The tired Heron.

The hawk.

The Bat.

I post until here and more will coming soon.

10 thoughts on “Visit the Zoo Negara : Birds photography session

  1. Jason

    Why didn’t blur out the dick? Animal porn! LOL.

    I just realized that you do editing on the photos, especially contrast, right?

  2. huei

    awwww!! so cute all the animals!!

    y u expose the bat’s thing?? =P hehehehhe

    nice taikor hawk!! how come i didn’t get to see any hawk when i went???? hmph!! hehehe

    see u tonite!! =D

  3. fattien

    ahkwong: Ohmygod!!! I forgot to sensor it. XD

    Huei:hahaha…thankz for the compliment. try to go by morning next time… they will bring out many animal. See u tonight hehe!!

  4. Liew Post author

    Apple: oh!!!! thankz for visiting and ur compliments yar. ^_^V

    Amei79: thankz dude. i have state there I am not a bird…lolz

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