Modify car exhibition in Bkt Jalil(DAY).

I was just rearranging my photo image just now and then I found some images that i almost forgot to upload. These were the images that I captured on “Modify car exhibition”. Actually, it seperate into two version one is for night section and another one is for day section.

I didn’t particapating the event coz you need to paid an extra RM20 to go in. I dun think the ticket was too worth for me coz the exhibition was not that huge as PWTC there. To save the money so I decide to paid RM0.70 to go on top of the LRT station using tripod plus zoom lens.

The modified old maron Mercedes.

Evo-Lancer and GTO.

There are modified Jazz, Mvyi, Toyata Supra……I think more than 100 cars there. I am not so familiar with cars assesories and equipment but I think is more suitable for ppl who like to modify cars.

I also have a shot on the model pic but she seems moving here and there it was so difficult to shot. there are more chicks on the back stage it was perfect place for me to capture especially they are were making up and custom. they are like ghost before making up…omg. Afterthat, few chicks staring and pointing on me. I quickly pack my things and move fast as possible for avoiding ppl chasing me and hit me lolz XD!!!!

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