Modify car exhibition in Bkt Jalil(Night).

Here were some pictures that I capture by night. The atmosphere is greater day time. I heard people said that got chicks dancing and wearing bikini but I am not inside.

It was crowded of people and it was so difficult for me to snap photo so I have to go to the second floor of the Bukit Jalil canteen. The atmosphere was so great combine with the lights and musics. You even can feel urself inside the movie”F&F tokyo dwift” coz they almost play the theme continuously.

There even got impact sound system behind their car. The sound was so shock!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Modify car exhibition in Bkt Jalil(Night).

  1. Hong

    y no take showgal pic o?
    and show more pic tat u hv take… thx…..

    tat day i oso went there…. a lot of nice car…

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