04/11 Found James Bond car at Time Square.

There was a nice car “Anston Martin” near at Time Square main entrance there. Crowd of people taking photos for that car. I am so unlucky coz me only one ppl there so no ppl capture photo for me and the car. It was about the new release movie of 007 royale casino.

I stand very near and capture some pictures of this James bond Metal horse..

Omg, it almost 5000 cc when I read on the car perfomance. Others I really dunno what it is about coz I really stupid on car equipment knowledge.

The second view of the car.

My leader Dai Koh went to watch this movie(007 casino royale) already and his comments on the movie was quite normal. So I decide not to watch this movie since that my others friend also say very normal.

The front view of the car.

I do apply equalizer on these photo.

And finally i make a grayscale on the back view of the photo to make it look more like oldies.

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