19/11 Celebrating Raya and Birthday at Yan’s sis House.

It was a great Sunday but it was only for half day, me and yeap suppose to be particapating Yan open house near Pandah Indah but it rain heavily and none stop on evening so we took long time to wait at the station coz we know that will quite jam every where and hardly come to fetch us. Besides, Ah Yap got appointments that day so he have to went back early and he left and remain me. It abouts 8.30pm, there reach Lrt station and I saw Jeff, shirley and Yan. It was so stupid of me coz forgot Shirley was just stay near my house and I should called her. @_@”

By tht time, I quickly went for the ride and rush to Ah Yan house and for her changing and make up. When she went out from the room I quickly ask her to pose herself and have a shot on her.

and that was a great posing!!!

After that, we quickly rush back to Yan’s sister house. It was crowd of people and I did saw Mr Kuan, Ai Ling, Kenneth and Jerry as well but I can’t capture thier photo coz they all get back early.

They serve us with nice curry and drinks that night.

After that, I have a shot on Ah yan for celebrating her Birthday.

Follow by a group shot

from Left to Right(Jeff, Ah Yan, Hong atas, Shirley bawah, Jin ru and her husband)

The second group shot

This is end of today post.

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