Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Italy snap by FZ50

This was the third time we went to capture Fireworks at Putrajaya, we looking a new spot to capture this time. Less smoke and can watch bigger size fireworks. The same old gang again Myin, Lynn, Ahkwong, Anston, Khai and me.

My parents and some of my frens ask me to post up video. But I only can choose one option that day either fireworks or video coz once I put the setting there I don’t want to move my camera already. 20 minutes watching fireworks just like watching 20 seconds.

I dun record video at that moment but this one was get from youtube one from XiaoXim. The fireworks cover the whole sky with sparkle and magic. So nice can!!! I wish can see it every night.

My pictures color might different compare to Lynn and Ahkwong coz I am using different white balance. Setting still the same F 8.0, M mode, Exposure 3 seconds as usual if more fireworks exposure 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.




Italy fireworks got attempt with music background. So the fireworks will follow the rtythm control my computer technology. It include some shape and text elements as well. This was so awesome and I think global team fireworks really cannot match Italy.












The place we shoot for fireworks memang bahaya!!! After the fireworks it take long time to jam out so we just camwhoring there. After that we went to take picture at the bridge there.


Group Shot!! My post end up here and more pictures and news coming soon


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12 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Italy snap by FZ50

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  2. Liew Post author

    Universtity Update: thkz for the linking :)!!!!

    Anston: Hehe…. I no use tripod that night u know. If u guys get worst then me. I have to laughloh

    Huei: don’t wish it, must go okay!!!!. will be jam that day so go there early.

    Ahkwong: make it to six o’clock can?

  3. conan_cat

    oh my @_o compared to the previous ones that you took, italy team really beat them all! the shape and form and colors really stand out, and the whole thing looks magnificent! 😀 nice one!!

    you going for da countdown ah? @-o countdown is japan team i think

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  5. changeiam

    Hey thanks for dropping by my site. Your pictures are awesome !! Are you sure you not using tripod ?? Even if you weren’t I’m sure you would have rested the camera on something !! Pls tell me you did or else I need go do more hand exercise to remove hand shake hahahhaha

  6. han

    altho i cant watch it at putrajaya
    but really thanks u all
    take the photo so pro, so beauty, so nice!!
    thanks thanks!!!

  7. fattien

    changeiam: I dun bring tripod that day. I just put it on top the bag and use time mode and make sure not shaking the camera.

    han:oh!!!! thanks for your compliments. will be posing more soon.

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