Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Global(snap by FZ50)

Yesterday I went to shoot Fireworks again at Putrajaya. This time was presented by Team Global and the Duration was !0 minutes. We went there early to seek for a nice place to shooting.

Get some tips from Lynn and Ahkwong. We have to use Manual mode, adjust till F7 to 8 then 3 seconds to 5 seconds exposure. Tripod cannot miss at that time. Use Manual Focus lock and forget Auto Focus.

The place we spot yesterday night. So we set our place there and preparing to shooting.
Left to right: Lynn, Anston, Ahkwong and Myin

Before Fireworks started. Ahjust ur Manual focus then lock focus. remember!!


The fireworks begin!!!









This time was more better then previous one. I will go today again so this time who want to come plz call my hp number 012-2603857 and plz call before 5pm and so we can met up in a place and go togather. Today was Italy can!!! Must go to see ar and the duration is 25minutes!!!

I did snap something weird yesterday. Do u spot something on the image?!


I very ensure that no ppl standing coz if got ppl I will not shot one. this pic I curve and increare the color level more at photoshop. Did u see that thing cleary? So becareful at night ok. Maybe someone just cross fast fast but I Just dun know…cold”””


Before going back home with did went to nice spot to capture a nice view of Putrajay bridge. My post End up here and more updates will coming soon.


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7 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Global(snap by FZ50)

  1. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: keep quite loh…. 🙁

    Anston:huh…I dunno leh…..

    Conan_cat: If u go on 30th then u must go there very early. at least go there around 6 orelse you have no place to park ur car. Ask ur parents go with u….hehe

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