Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 -Team Auatralia

Yesterday I went to shoot Fireworks with Ahkwong, Myin, Lynn and Ah khai. Ohmy, I am the last person to upload the fireworks. Kinda sad this time coz cannot get nice photos of the fireworks, hope that can improve next time.

Actually I am using scene mode for fireworks. I use it at the begining but found it a bit blur on my LCD so I switch it to Manual mode. Alamak…went back home to check it found that the begining one with fireworks mode is better but after use the M mode all burst…..*cry…… I still can’t manage to use M mode. Pratice some more this time!!!!








Want to see more better quality one can click to this site ahkwong and Lynn

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13 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 -Team Auatralia

  1. ahkwong

    walao ur one nicer than me la… we same rambutan type lol

    btw i spot great place for 2morrow firework shooting! discuss later ya!

  2. Liew Post author

    Hao Hao: Thkz of your compliment. Is best to view it live, very cunlah.

    Anston: don’t miss next timelah.

    Ahkwong: 6pm too earlylah. U want me to rush meh!!!

    Lynn: ahkwong will announce

    Ahkwong: 7pm better

    Spookygrace: Hehehe, mari kita pergi tengok

    Huei: Video will not nice de. better go there to see live one.

    ahkwong: no problem.

  3. milky

    hey fattien..really awesome shot lo..yesterdAY NITE I WENT..take the photo very..hmm…not clear..but still will post la..but after my waterfall post dulu..haha good job ya^^

  4. Liew Post author

    Maymei: Oh, thankz. Long time no c ur drop on my blog liao lah

    Danielctw: try againloh, want to join us moh!!! add my msn

    Milky: Thakz, I did go yesterday but didn’t saw u loh? want go there again moh?

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