Arwana Hotel Photo session : Genting Highland

I have postpone this post almost one week already. It was related to the Wubai concert last week.The concert was late that night lucky Lynn got book room early.

We took pictures around next day after wubai concert. before heading to Bukit tinggi we camwhoring around arwana hotel. It was my first time to stay there but found the facilities and food there was better then First World Hotel.

So here our random pictures. The view of Arwana Hotel.


The garden view inside the hotel.


The pond with Koei



Camwhoring section- Lynn and Myin


Myin and Ahkwong


The out view from our room


External area of arwana- You can ride horsy there but I sure cannotlar….lolz


Spot one freaking look spider out there. Look like an Alien to me.


Ahkwong Fly kick you…lolz(at arwana external area) My post stop here.


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10 thoughts on “Arwana Hotel Photo session : Genting Highland

  1. fattien

    Spookygrace & huei : now finally know y ppl from photokaki dun like to put spider on the forum because of this reason..lolz

    ahkwong: nice mah…lolz

    Eugene: Boleh!!! no problem.

    Lynn: nice can..!!!

    Ahkwong: next I sure will!!

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