Hip Hop Street Dance, Battleground (astro)at Low Yat Plaza

This event was held last Saturday 25th brought by Astro. It was for open to all 18-25 ages, so you can go there to register and direct perfome on the stage. I meet Ahkwong by 3pm together to shoot this event.

lazy to type so much, so here come the pics:

The Stage


The particapants/dancers


The judges come to stage dance as well.



The dancing Legs.


The second particapants/dancers




My post end here.

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24 thoughts on “Hip Hop Street Dance, Battleground (astro)at Low Yat Plaza

  1. Liew Post author

    Lynn:Next time I won’t put fireworks 1st..lolz coz all almost post same thing.

    Eugene: I tak tahu dance >.< Ahkwong: fat fat dance ada tapi hip hop tak boleh Huei: agree that... very tuff can. Anston: ohmy...!!!

  2. little monkey

    jia you o…
    i support u all..
    i have seen the astro
    u all dance very well..
    costume very nice…dance step very creative..

  3. Anna Chin

    I am CID CREW Fans!
    I like them so much!
    Especially the leader…
    Although they are out, but
    i will always support CID CREW!

  4. Cloud Strife Teo T C

    Wow , the coolest show in Malaysia , even in Astro !
    Unfortunately , I didn’t watched the show …
    But I still can support all of the teams in Battleground 2007

    Good luck and god will bless you all ( teams ) . ‘
    Thanks !

  5. jack lee

    my favourite dance team is Mustang crew!..but dint c the pic here..Racken force i like oso..haiz just c Cid crew n judges pic onli..anyone hv other dancers pic?can mail to me?

  6. misterstan

    hello fattien. i have been watching Battleground from day one. I was just wondering if Racken Force or Twister ET will be performing live in anywhere.

  7. efunrox

    hi misterstan, u miss the chance twister ET just perform in Berjaya Time Square on 23/12/2007 Sunday. even D8second is there too.

  8. mike

    hi guys……… im mike from mustang crew… now oni i saw this website.. haha paiseh~~~
    thx alot for the support…

  9. nc

    i support mustang crew…cus my ex inside there…
    although the lose, bt they did well in this competiton…

  10. keithz

    word up peeps! CID crew leader ,, u mean the dude from PENANG .. ah beh.. .. thats my dance bradder! he;s good .. when it comes to breakin. its time to clean da flaw!!,, for me .. im old skool man.. no more comps .. just support my fren in CID…

  11. keithz

    o yeahh for got to mention bboy maxx and bboy ice in the previous competiion in astro battle ground .!! keep up the good work !! and also Dennis ..,, dance for live!

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