Bukit Tinggi Photo session: Japanese Village part 1

Before entering the Japanese Village I have to said Happy merdeka for all the readers of blog and thankz for all your support for this blog. Last Thursday was full of enjoyment to countdown for Merdeka at Putrajaya with a group of blogger which included Ahkwong, Myin, Lynn, Nkwai(first time met!!! haha so tall can), Eugene, Eri(first time met!!! Energetic little gal), Anston and louis. The Fireworks was so great can!!! I am going to post this for next entry but let me post the Bukit tinggi 1st coz delay too long already.


After arwana we were heading to Bukit Tinggi’s Japanese Tea Garden. It take another 30 mins from bottom Genting highland reach there. The road to reach the mountain was more curve can.(saya nak muntah means I want to wormit >.<) Before we reach the entrance we find a place to park car and then take another jeep to went up. so here was the entrance pic.

Duration hours


World’s first Japanese Tea house at tropical forest. (about 3500 feet high). Entrance fees was RM16 for each person and it included French village as well.


A group photo at Japanese Tea Garden


Kinda luv to hang out at this place for a cup of tea. Nice environment, cooling weather and a lot of big big Japanese koei fish.





Want to catch fish!!! water so clearing.



The last pics here!!! my post end up here as well. More fireworks pics coming soon.


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12 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi Photo session: Japanese Village part 1

  1. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: aiyo!!?? forget to change the name while using ur pc.

    spookygrave: if ada I duwan to go there anymore

    Huei: Really nice but I scare those bengkang bengkok road…it make me sicks

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