Gundam Showdown 2007 at Sungei Wang Plaza : Part 2

Continuese from the previous post Gundam Showdown 2007 session. I have took many photos from the gundams showdown exhibitions so I have to seperate into few parts to post it.


Saw many people taking out thier cameras and handphone to take shots the gundams and mobile suits. I also tak kiasi that time, I pull out my camera and snap continuesly. It was difficult to snap as the casing will reflect the light and bad light condition. Many people might thinking that open flash light will get better image but I was wrong coz the image will burst because of the reflection from the case. Besides, many people might walking around so that u will found that crowd will became the background of the gundams.

As a result, My setting was:
M mode
Iso 400
WB (Auto)
Shutter 1/8-20 s depend on situation
Stick tight ur lense to the case for avoiding the overwhelming reflection. I learn this from the last year…hehe

Zaku- The sword is from one of the Gundam Seed series if not mistaken. Nice backdrop and posing of the mobile suit. I rate it 8/10.

This always my favourite. Keroro Robot MK2!!! It was aways welcome for many ages. The original colors of the figure itself is very simple and nice already but I dunno why he repaint it again. An advance for the backdrop I vote it 6/10
Keroro MK2

Keroro Mk2

Zeta Gundam riding on a bike.. Lolz. It was kinda funny but I like the creative of this stuff. I rate it 7/10
Zeta Gundam

Another version of Zaku but dunno what model is this. It was an 1/144 scale size. The composition of this possing was good so I rate it 6/10.

A repainted black StrikeFreedom Gundam. Very nice and clean. I rate it 8/10.

I have no idea what mobile suit is this but the airbrush and painted on the model surface was very nice and realistic. I rate it 9/10.
Mobile suit

Another Zaku version which was the reconstruted on the head part.Besides, I like the texture color of the mobile suit. I rate it 8/10.

StrikeFreedom Gundam- It was an limited edition gundam. More improvement on the gold color part. Nothing change of this gundam so I rate it 6/10.
StrikeFreedom Gundam

Gundam seed series- The kicking pose there making it unique among other contestant. I have no idea how there hold the gundam there. I rate it 7/10

All the rating is base on my own opinion so other people might think differently. I will post the final by tomorrow so I stop until here.
Gundam Seed

5 thoughts on “Gundam Showdown 2007 at Sungei Wang Plaza : Part 2

  1. mike

    1st & 2nd picture – that sword is taken from Gundam Seed Astray series, Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L’s tactical backpack. Which can intercharge to become a backpack thruster, a gatling gun, or a giant anti ship sword.

    3rd & 4th picture – The Keroro Mk-IIs are repainted so that they look better. Take a look nicely at them because the modeler has done some weathering effects on them to look more real.

    5th picture – That zeta gundam’s reading book at the same time too!

    6th picture –

    7th picture – Black version of Stike Freedom looks evil!

    8th picture – That’s called aygue or something… I’m not very familiar with UC mechas.

    9th picture – quite a lot of zakus huh.

    10th picture – Actually this strike freedom has a few mods done at the armors. Could be the idea from Keita, jap’s famous modeler. It’s quite well dome actually, since the mod of the armors aren’t an easy job to do with.

    11th picture – Since when Strike Noir go kick Launcher strike punya adik? Nice imagination lol. I think the modeler glued the parts hard and fix the poses.

    12th picture – MG Destiny Gundam! Released 25th Oct in jap. Regular version has already arrived in the local store where the Extreme Blast Mode still yet to arrive. I’m targeting the EBM version!

    Shit damn regret that i never take a visit there. This could be the first bakuc event after i started to collect back gunpla, but i didn’t able to witness all these with my eyes. Sad. Next year la…

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  3. Liew Post author

    Jason: Ohhh, I forget already but since u remind it I got a bit image about that mobile suit..hehe

    Melvin, Foong: no need to jeoulous about it, it not so worth it coz the paint was damn expansive. Unless you are stay in Japan and it might cost cheaper.

    Mike: Ohmy!!! what a long comment here :D. btw thankz for providing me so much information here. Next year you must come again lor…:D A bit dissapointment this year coz I didn’t see any Gundam wing series fot thie model kit Contest.

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