Macau Fair 2007

Sorry about the Gundam Showdawn 2007, I will post it after this post and I almost forget about it. I try to make this post short today coz weekend alright. Last Sunday after visiting Batu Caves me, Anston, nkwai and Princess Eileen heading to the curve to meet up Eugene. So let check it out what happen at Macau Fair 2007.

From Left to right: Nkwai, Engune, Anston and Princess Eileen


Eugene want to camho and he require me to put his big big photo on the blog. lolz

So Lucky !!! I Meet Boss stewie on the spot. No him no Nuffnang u know.


Got many events during this Macau Fair and even MyFM and MixFM was on the spot entertaining the audience. Ok my post end up here and Happy weekend everybody.


4 thoughts on “Macau Fair 2007

  1. Liew Post author

    Princess Eileen: let hang out more!!!!

    Conancat: yah!!! sure will inform you..hehe

    Huei: want to join us mah!! 😀

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