Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2007 @ Sungei Wang Plaza : known as Gundam Showdown 2007 (Final)

Here come the final part of the Gundam photo session. For whom had miss the 1st part and 2nd part can go to the previous post part 2 and post part1. If you guys and gals want to know more details about Gundam history, models and characters you can link to this pages

Gundam Showdown

It was happy that day becoz that I have bought few box of Keroro Robo MKII with promotion price. I ensure will update later while I have combine it.

It was a perfect grade Gundam Model Kit MKII, scale size was 1/60 and the original color was white or deep blue color. This one have been air brush with metal blue color. I rate it 9/10.

Hyaku Shiki – This Gundam mobile suit was appear in Gundam Zeta Anime. It was repainted gold color and it look more realistic. I rate it 9/10.
Hyaku Shiki

I really dunno what model issit and it doesn’t look like a zaku but it was nice instead. I rate it 6/10
Mobile suit

Turn A Gundam – It was a very rare gundam to buy in the market now but still manage to see one here. A lot of my friends don’t like of it design. But For me is still ok as long it was unique compare to all the gundam series. I rate it 7/10.
Turn A

MK2 versus Zaku – It was belong to scale 1/144. It was a big afford of this posing as you will saw many spoil gundam down there that has been air brush with grey color. I rate it 9/10
MK2 vs Zaku

This was what I found the best one. It was very dramatic!!! I rate it 10/10

Another Zaku – I found it the backdrop was realistic and very details. I rate it 9/10.
Image Hosted by

This was an very old model of F91 Gundam series. It was a short anime stories. Great posing for the Gundam againts the anime. I rate it 8/10
Gundam F91 series

Here came the final photo of this Gundam Model Kit Challenge. For those who have seen this anime should know this scene. It was the strike Gundam againts Aegis Gundam. I rate it 9/10 and that all of the gundam post.
Gundam Seed

13 thoughts on “Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2007 @ Sungei Wang Plaza : known as Gundam Showdown 2007 (Final)

  1. fattien

    Princess Eileen: Thankz for the compliments and I really love this kind of toys. I bought a few box at home but didn’t manage to combine it yet.

    Anston: Ok, I will check it out later.

    Ahkwong:lolz, I didn’t notice that I until I browse the big picture….hahah

  2. Bulletin News

    Fantastic blog post covering Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2007 @ Sungei Wang Plaza : known as Gundam Showdown 2007 (Final)! Always enjoy your write ups!

  3. Janis

    Can anyone please tell me how to distinguish a fake Gundam (for example: “made in China”) from a real one (made in Japan)?

    I know nothing about Gundam, but I’ll be buying one from a store. I don’t want to pay a couple hundread for a fake one.


  4. Liew Post author

    Bulletin news: oh tnankz!!!!

    Janis: the original gundam will have label one call Bandai and the china one is call Bendi. Sometimes have to double check when u buy and even u can ask them to open the box and check inside wether is was not a complete set.

  5. Janis

    That’s a good idea, I’ll ask them to open the box and check to see if there’s a complete set. Once again, Thank-you! 🙂

  6. fayzsum

    juz to tell u… the one like zaku is rick dias… the one battle with zaku is actually rx-79 ground type…

  7. aie

    i have a model kit gundam but i dont have the background….want to make it look real but how…??

  8. Liew Post author

    aie: haha, I am just a photographer that day.If u want to know more about this u can check with the hobby japan megazine. I know that this might costly and take many efforts…

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