Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2008 at Sungei Wang Plaza : Gundam showdown 2008

Last Saturday I went to Sungei Wang Plaza for this Gundam Showdown final competition 2008 which located at the concourse level. I have been come here for the previous years competition, I found that this season was not as good as last year competition. I think is maybe I really miss out the Gundam Seed version.

The place was pack and the light condition was poor that day, I found it hard to capture nice model kit here. Anyhow, snap with flash and you might found the reflection the plastic case and the result was not nice at all, so I use slow shutter that day and come out with many blur images.

Gundam 08

Gundam 08

Gundam 08

Gundam 08

Gundam 08

8 thoughts on “Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2008 at Sungei Wang Plaza : Gundam showdown 2008

  1. hyperx

    Hey, gundam is my favorite since Gundam Wing! Nice gundam photos over there! damn, I missed the show in Sungei Wang… hope the next round will be coming soon.

  2. Liew Post author

    HyperX : I just work near there only. Thank for the compliments :D. I starting love gundam while the G gundam release.

  3. Liew Post author

    Neo: Figure can be toy but also a very nice models. I go to see aready…you don’t tell me that all those sexy ladies are toy ya?! 😛

  4. nick

    i know but i forgot to take their pictures also i didn’t cheap to buy gundam when competiton!!!!!!!!!1

  5. robin

    Hey hey….

    Savior Gundam is like my MOST favourite of ALL gundams !!! Thanks so much for making it the first pic, the shot was splendid !!

  6. fattien

    Nick: I didn’t buy any as well coz afraid no time to build them.

    Robin: I like the color of the savior gundam and it can transform into fighting jet. BY the way thankz for dropping by my site.

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