A one day trip to Kanching falls : Waterfall Malaysia

Last Sunday we have a one day trip at Kanching falls which was located off the trunk road nr 1 to Ipoh, between Selayang and Rawang. We get the info and tips from this Waterfall site. At the begining i still worry about the direction to this recreation park. Anyhow the journey was not too difficult that i suppose, we just follow the Kesas Highway from my place (Bukit Jalil) while reaching before Setapak we just follow the path to Ipoh.

Along the way we just follow small path to Rawang at the same time you will see roadsign which state “Hutan Lipur Kanching” if not ensure the road just drop by any store there and ask for more info.

Scenery beside the highway was spectacular, before reach Kanching fall you will saw this mountain scenery.

It was quite pity about this trip because the whole trip only me and Anston. Around half an hour journey we reach the entrance of Hutan Lipur Kanching. From there you will saw resting place, river and families there and yet monkeys as well.
Kanching Falls

The entrance to the waterfall. The air was so refreshing as the green environment here and you can hear rushing sound of waters, so cooling!! This was our first time to come here.
Kanching Falls

This is what we saw on the spot, the flora and fauna.
Kanching Falls.

According to the information there was seven falls at this kanching waterfall. Besides, there was two path which will lead you the waterfalls which the artificial which was easy for acess and the normal trail which was fun for trekking but a bit dangerous. This was the 1st falls with met which quite near from the entrance. I just snap like nobody business…lolz.
Kanching Falls

The full view for the waterfall as you can see the trees was very tall here. I am using a wide converter here.
Kanching falls

The second fall with met which was very crowd during holidays. There was a big pool here for swiming and the third fall also the same.
kanching falls

the water was rapid here!! good for bathing as well.
Kanching falls

We continue our 4th fall but we face this… this really need ur stamina.Is just like another batucaves for me.
kanching falls

Anyhow my post stop until here. Good nite and more will coming soon.
kanching falls

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