Ming Kee Roast Duck from Cheras ; Mango Ice From Sri Petaling

It beens a long period for not uploading the food post!!! Oh my god, I thought I really have nothing to post this period due to less shooting photograp this period. I went back and check my other pictures from my Pc and I found a few food photos didn’t post it up..lolz.

So lets start from Ming Kee Roast Duck which was located at Cheras which inside Connough Garden. This place was highly recommend by eugene. I remember this was happening while we coming back from the Semenyih water dam which was included me, Aaron and Eugene.

We order half portion of roast duck, as what eugene told me the meat was soft and tender. Besides, the duck skin was crispy. Normaly, we found that duck meat sell by other restaurant were hard to chew but this was totaly different but not recommend to eat too much…hehe


Besides, we order this side dish “Char Siew”. Taste normallar….

This Mango ice was order at Sri Petaling “Tong Chee Dou”, heard my friend said it quite nice. That day I came with Mich and eugene.

Our photo during the meal.

11 thoughts on “Ming Kee Roast Duck from Cheras ; Mango Ice From Sri Petaling

  1. Yummy King

    Please turn off the audio permanently! It’s a NO >>NO…NO for blog!!

    The roasted looks yummy..maybe I should try too..

  2. fattien

    Neo: I want to try once more.

    hp84: U know last time we yum cha. Just beside there.

    Yummy King: Ok, no problem. thankz for dropping by and comment. welcome to give more comments. Hehe

  3. Liew Post author

    Job: is worth to try!!!

    Ahboon: I heard that before must try it later..hehe. I read the article from the digital camera megazine aas well.

    rit: hahaha, sorry about there… faster pergi makan then.

    huei: hahah, btw it taste nice. eat until swallow fingers..keke

    ahlost: don’t wait anymore, just makan saja. The best char siew i eaten was at Jalan Tong Shin

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