Kanching falls part 2 : Malaysia waterfalls

Continuese for the second part of Kanching fall. We pass over the 4th fall to the 5th falls due to the ground was too vertical and have to climb up steep slopes. Besides, trekking and scrambling are require but so far was easy because at right hand side of the waterfall got trail there.

the land trail and stream trail.
kanching fall

During the process we took some rest and snap anything around us. I took off my shoes and place my foot to the water, the feeling was so good. The slipper was below picture was belong to Anston.
kanching falls

Crystal clear and clean water.
Kanching falls

I shot this on ISO 400, F 4 and 1/1000 shutter. The rushing water is just like splashing pearls in front of me.
kanching falls

The flora and fauna series I spotted.
kanching falls

Big Butterfly.
kanching falls

Look at the sizes of the Melepede.
kanching falls

After some rest we continue to walk towards to reach the 5th waterfall. It look so grand and beware of ur camera becouse very easy get wet due to splashing water. It was more beautiful then the previous falls.
kanching falls

By the way, while Anston suggest to stop here. Since we have come from so far I push myself to the 6th floor but as a notice there was a broken part in between so you guys must becareful.
kanching falls

Anyhow is was worth to climb up here. The fall from here was about 6 to eight storey tall and most vertical one. So dramatic can..
kanching waterfalls

Mission accomplished for the kanching falls. The next trip might aiming for chiling waterfalls.
kanching falls

The next post coming soon!!! Kuala Khubu, first time make HDR picture below. My post end up here.

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  1. Liew Post author

    ahlost: thankz you!!! hehe. come to visit often coz more outing for the future plan.

    ahkwong: thankz bro… this sunday again ok?!

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