2/12 Dinner at Nandos.

It was a great Saturday especially on the first week of the month. I usuall will go to have a great meal because got gaji(salary). After I accompany Ming Wei to go for the Gundam Showdown , we quickly rush to the main Entrance of Sungai Wang and seeking for the best Restoran. There got Sweesen, Italian Pizza, Seed and Nandos. Italian food look very small sizes to me although it taste good but cannot fulfill my sotmach. Erm….I have not ideas at all so finally I choose to eat Nandos coz it look so big sizes(while I looking from outside the Restoran.)

I got cough and throat problem that day but I dun care at all just eat. I forget to take photo on the Restoran brand so I just simply link it from other url.

I order the half size chicken fill with herb and lime favor, Ming wei order the hot peri-peri quarter size.

This was me.

This was silly Ming Wei

It taste much better than Kenny Rogers and KFC and Of course the price also higher. I am not sure for other peoples coz all people choice and flavor not the same. We almost eat for Around RM40++ on that meal.

After that Ming Wei send me back home and I continue Went to Wangsa Maju for Dota.

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