Gundam Showdown 2006 at S.Wang(Part2).

First of all I have to thankz for Ah Kwong inform me that got color problem for the previous post image. I didn’t realize it all coz my screen contrast and brightness is too low while I was editing the image so when it come out from other pc screen it look too bright.

So let come back to the title. For more information about gundam series you can go to view this website

GP01 vs Dom Tropen

A Sailor Moon like Gundam?

God Gundam vs Master Gundam

This series was the most unique version ever. It was better you guys go to watch by yourself.

MK2 vs Dom Tropen

Strike Gundam (Perfect Grade)

Wing Gundam Series

Wing series were less on this event compare to last year

SD Gundam

Qubeley from Gundam ZZ series

Neve Ziel

Zaku with nice backdrop

Shin Gundam from Gundam seed series(not so sure for the name)

Gundam 0083 series

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3 thoughts on “Gundam Showdown 2006 at S.Wang(Part2).

  1. lazylibra19

    A comments by gundam fans ,

    about the 1st pic
    its wasn`t GP-01
    it was Amuro-Rei `s RX-78 , the 1st gundam…

    about the 7th , i dont think is wing series, is seed Astray series…
    and the Zaku also the seed destiny series

    and the red Qubeley maybe is Qubeley Mk-II
    pilot is Ple-Two

  2. RedRacer

    The last picture was not Gundam 0083 but Gundam The 08th MS Team. Consists of 1 RX-79(G) Ez-8 Gundam and 2 RX-79(G) Ground Gundam

  3. mike

    6th pic Strike isn’t a Perfect Grade, it’s just a Non Graded 1/100 model.

    Tat’s not a Wing Gundam series, probably some custom made as well.

    Second last is a custom made model with Destiny Gundam’s wings, head, hands which piloted by Shinn Asuka…

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