3/12 Myvi Gathering

It was a great Sunday. I usually will sleep until my eyes open but that day I was awaken by Ah Kwong. Oh, yawor!!! we have gathering today and I almost forgot.

This gathering was organize by Ah Kwong so we all met up by 2.00 pm. So what we do next….
shooting thier babes(Myvi). I am the photographer!! 😀 Is great coz I can upload new stuff to my blog again but the bad things was my car not myvi so no point to suit this post title.

This was the 200th pic in my blog. Oh no, my flick account was over limit T_T so no choice I apply another new account for photobucket.

So lets rocks

We do our shooting at the car park which very near Astro there.

Here were the……The Myvi Owners

Ah Khai

Ah Kwong

Zie Hou

…. and hey…!!! dun forget me.

Our group image.

The 3 muskrteers?

Not just only shooting our car but we did some actions too!!!
Ah kwong jump!!!!

Zie Hou on Yoga!!!

Ah khai (Ryu) fist of fire

So this is the end of today post. More stuff coming soon.

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