Visit Bukit Cerakah (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam)

It been many years haven’t step on this place while I was still study at secondary school period. Yesterday we visit here for photography purpose and the progress included Hiew, hungwei, Eri, Eugene, Joshuaand Leepeng. The weather was nice yesterday and it really suitable for landscape photography. This Bukit Cerakah (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam)was located at Shah Alam.

Special thankz to Joshua for fetching us to Bukit Cerakah (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam) and Hiew for the towel. It was a very exhausted and tiring outing this time as the distance in between for every session was quite far. As a result, we have to rent a bike for transportation. By the way, I am facing problems on cycling as I didn’t play it for more then 10 years and my balancing was quite bad. Besides, it was so tiring while cycling up hills so I give up on some spot and carry up bike to the hills. It was so bad that I was left behind always, I wonder so good I have a light body.

The padi field
Taman Pertanian

The landscape and the blue sky
Taman Pertanian

Due to the place was so big and we only can go for a few places there. Here we spot the Taman Haiwan(Animals park), Taman Cendawan(Mushroom park), The pond and The weather house. Unfortunely the weather house was still under progress.

Taman Haiwan (animal park)
Taman Haiwan

Spot monkey there…
Taman Pertanian

Camhoring and photographing, oh well this was my favourite.
Taman Pertanian

Taman Pertanian

Pond side
Taman Pertanian

I just love to shot on Dragonfly when every time I spot them, mystery insects….

Ray of light, you can spot colors in between…

I didn’t manage to climb up here, so lazy can..
Taman Pertanian

Love the nature?
Taman Pertanian

Group pictures
Taman Pertanian

My post end up here. By the way, I have been never go to shot event for long time. Anyhow, I will try to get more event shooting soon!!!
Taman Pertanian

19 thoughts on “Visit Bukit Cerakah (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam)

  1. sam

    Terror, I was robbed by foreigner when I visited the park
    To my horror and tarific shock , I was told that someone
    has been robbed too the same day and yet the relevent personel
    and they seems as if is normal and daily affair there.

    No Security even the whole park was fenced up and rangers
    station at the main gate.


  2. TW Wong

    Just wonder whether we can bring our own mountain bike to cycle in Tmn Pertaninan or not. Any idea?

  3. Elaine Lim

    Hi Fattien, your photography is really good. Keep up the good job! Its really impressive. Do you take free lance job? Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  4. wantoy

    haiii…can u help me??
    i need a history bout e growth tamam pertanian bkt cerakah.can u help me??

  5. chanloy

    nope cannot bring your own bikes there. 🙁 bummer! but they have bike rental there. RM3 first hour and RM2 subsequent hours. the bike sucks though! even though soft tail but crappy like fuck. very nice place though..

  6. Liew Post author

    Sam: next time better go with a group of people.

    Tw Wong: I think they allow one.

    Wabtoy: I cab’t help you lar. I just go there for photoshooting but if you want more info you can check and search for the title.

    Chanloy: I think can bring own bike. I saw ppl bring it!!

    Anne: I never go inside…lolz

  7. sarah

    yes, i agree. very nice place. i have sweet memory in there…… i think i want to build house and leave there hahaha. i suggest visit BCSA in dec-mac because this is snow time. go to rumah iklim ya. dont forget ya….!!! huhu

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