I have won myself a Lumix G1

Its been over month I have not updated my blog since facebook was so convenient nowadays. I have been busy for many photo outings, photo contest and other activities. Most probably will be update to my facebook and my blog here will have big changes soon. My facebook link here. Any updates I will notice in my facebook amd sorry for the readers of my blog.


转眼间,我已经一个月多没有更新我的部落格勒而且大部分的时间的花在Facebook上。对于大部分的读者真的很抱歉, 如果要知道更多的详情就到这里。迟些我会再更改这里的形势,到时候再会Facebook通知大家。


This was my most happy moment for the year. I have been taking photos for few years already and this was what I have waiting for. Thanks for Lumix to loaning out this G1 for me and I was absolutely lucky to win this photo competition for Lumix Star Search 09. By the way, I really thanks who ever vote my photos and all my supporters. Below was my lucky photo.

这是我今年最高兴的时刻,拍了几年照片我从来没有想过拍照会得奖的机会. 此刻我真的很感激Panasonic Lumix还有身边支持我的朋友。 以下就是我的得奖之作。

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Lumix G1 – Landscape Test Shots

Doing some landscape shots with G1 while heading to Hang Tuah LRT station walking to Berjaya Time Square last week. Too bad my laptop got problem last week, many things cannot be accomplish.

上个星期的天空都是蓝色的,拿起了Lumix G1就从公司(Timesquare)附近一直拍到Hang tuah LRT站。我开始喜欢这架相机了,即小架又方便的而且也不会逊色于别的中型单眼相机。我就把它放在我的不起眼包包里面且不会有人注意到。换了我那一架Canon就要带一个比较大的相机bag就等于叫别人来偷。


Berjaya Timesquare

Berjaya Timesquare

Pudu Jail

Pudu Jail

Jalan Hang Tuah


I am proud to be Lumix Shutterbug

Special thanks to Panasonic for offering me this camera Lumix G1 for loan usage. I am greatful that Panasonic have given me this chance to become one of their Lumix Shutterbug. I can said that I was lucky to be chosen and really suprise for it.


By the way, I also meet with other Shutterbugs who was Chris Tock and Seng during the Lumix Star Search last week. Really nice to meet you guys!!! Hope to see guys again and share more about this photography thingy. At the same time I have thanks Jen Ni for the briefing and put a lot of trust on us.

A group pic taken at the Hilton hallroom

Testing perfomance on Lumix G1 – I really love this camera by its sizes and the functions although the sensors is belong to Micro Four Thirds system but the picture results was brilliant.By the way, I love its live view fuction and it can be flip over, it easy for me to take low angle view as well. Anyhow. it still take me some time for me to practice and understand this Lumix G1 so for my canon don’t be jeolous ya… I am still using you.