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Lee Peng Birthday Dinner at Fong Lye Restaurant 2009

A short entry here to wish Lee Peng Happy Birthday 2009 althought it has been more then one week already…lolz. Is been a long period didn’t hang out with them. It was 2nd time to have my meal here at garden with Mich, Hiew, Hungwei, Eugene. Eri, Ahkwong and of course our Birthday girl of that day Lee Peng.

I felt bored about my photos nowadays..oh ya try to edit a bit. I was so missing those cross process and noisy picture that i took last time.


By the way, Eugene will leaving us to Aussie soon ya. Later life sure a bit boring ya…lolz






Finally here a group photo and my post end up here.

Happy Birthday to Eugene aka

Happy Belated Day to this guy on the picture below..hahaha. By the way, have to thank you for the meal as well. Wishing you all the luck in the future.

It took me 2 hours to wait after working, really dunno what to do and luckily my friend haven’t start working yet so I quickly call him out for yum cha session. By the way, my friend stay near my office orelse really dunno how to pass my time. Borders bookstore was so boring and most of the books was wrap with plastic.

Walking from the path from Timesquare until Pavillion I saw cars jaming everywhere, most of them will get late for the Birthday party. I get to see a few bloggers that day, I was so paiseh can coz my body was so smelly and sticky due to the whole day sweating at the office and so hot all the day. I met Pop, hiew, Jenifer, Ahkwong, Myin, Eri, Junn, Eunice, Hikaru, Hiew, Mich, Yatz….others. There really can camhore gao gao there…haha


Another camhore picture downhere, I was shooting ppl camhoring..haha

A group picture.

Too bad!! Hung wei was in penang….haha. My post end up here

Congratulations To Mich Graduation

I remember this was happen at 30th August and yet I almost forget to post this up, so sorry ya. Anyhow, congratulations to Mich graduation. I remember I was late that day due to crowd of people taking LRT and it took me few turns to wait for a ride. Not much photo was taken and hope this will cheer you up, Mich. 😀

Happy Mother and the Happy Daughter.

Meet the bloggers too.

A candid shot

Mich and her boo

I simply love this two jumping shots and I make it both to GIF..lolz
My post end up here.