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Lee Peng Birthday Dinner at Fong Lye Restaurant 2009

A short entry here to wish Lee Peng Happy Birthday 2009 althought it has been more then one week already…lolz. Is been a long period didn’t hang out with them. It was 2nd time to have my meal here at garden with Mich, Hiew, Hungwei, Eugene. Eri, Ahkwong and of course our Birthday girl of that day Lee Peng.

I felt bored about my photos nowadays..oh ya try to edit a bit. I was so missing those cross process and noisy picture that i took last time.


By the way, Eugene will leaving us to Aussie soon ya. Later life sure a bit boring ya…lolz






Finally here a group photo and my post end up here.

Very very late Birthday post for Nkwai

This post has almost delay for two weeks already..lolz..sorry yar nkwai. We have our dinner at Yuen Steamboat located at Bandar Sunway. I sure many know this place because of their famous BBQ chicken wings . I took very less picture during this session due to my the sticky and oily hands, I just so hungry at the moment.
Birthday celebration

After this session we move to the second round at OUG dessert house and enjoy my favourite Mango Sai Mai lou.
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Get tired for camhore… try to play some different stuff too.. Okay My post end up here and wish everybody have a happy weekend.
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Ahkwong and Myin Wedding dinner session : Actual Wedding Day

I has been lazy to update blog nowadays and until now I only have uploaded Ahkwong and Myin wedding dinner at Ampang Water front Chui Heng Restaurant post…oh gosh. I not so remember any details about that day but before my task start we have a tea session at Ampang waterfont.

Jasonmumbles came all way from Melacca for Akwong and Myin Wedding. Ahkwong’s buddies Louis and Tze Haw also my old classmate as well for assisting and guide for the visitors for the wedding dinner. My other wedding shooting partners Eugene and Hungwei.

Before the dinner start, I done some shots for the environment and dedication for the ceremony.

A funny shot that I have capture for the couple while they were busy guide thier relatives and friends to reach the Reastaurant.

The princess group as them name it themself during secondary time. From the left Catherine, Pei Yee, Myin, Yishan and Koh Poh
Hahaha, Ahkwong had setup a table for bloggers. Mich, Nkwai, Anston, Hiew and Lee Peng

have join this wedding as well.

The ceremony started, so I let the pictures to explain everything.




The yum sing session started…

Rachel, Louise and Danielyc just arrived as well. (picture from the left.

Random Photos


The secondary school classmate group photo.

The APPITIANS group photo.

The Bloggers group photo and thankz for Danielyc for helping to take this photo. My post end up here.