Very very late Birthday post for Nkwai

This post has almost delay for two weeks already..lolz..sorry yar nkwai. We have our dinner at Yuen Steamboat located at Bandar Sunway. I sure many know this place because of their famous BBQ chicken wings . I took very less picture during this session due to my the sticky and oily hands, I just so hungry at the moment.
Birthday celebration

After this session we move to the second round at OUG dessert house and enjoy my favourite Mango Sai Mai lou.
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Get tired for camhore… try to play some different stuff too.. Okay My post end up here and wish everybody have a happy weekend.
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3 thoughts on “Very very late Birthday post for Nkwai

  1. Chong

    Ahh.. So I heard and saw the mayhem once the chicken wings are out of the kitchen. That dish is the fastest ‘clear-up’ I’ve ever seen…

  2. fattien

    Chong: it was not more then 20 seconds…look like piranhna eatig thoer food…lolz

    Lynn: lolz at least u know is NKwai…hahahhaa

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