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Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008

This event was held at Berjaya Timesquare Lower ground floor. There were separate into many session such as camera talks, competition, camera accessory, latest camera technologies and more. I have been there for two days and I meet up with many bloggers, friends and photokaki members. The entire event was so crowd and excited. I am lazy to type down who is who..feel sorry miss out whoever picture that I forget to down here.











I felt kinda weird this two days and things that i had never felt before. I dunno how to describe feeling but is kind like struggling with myself or felt very lost. Anyway, I not going to write more further about feelings or sadness in my blog now because a lot people reading here included some people that harm to me that make me felt not secured. That why I just sharing my good stuff here but not negative. I must live more happy then ever after not matter how bad the situation is…and stronger then ever.

hahaha forget about that …Congratulation to eugene and he had won the 3rd runner up for the fujifilm model shoot. I also have join the fujifilms model contest and I have chosen 2 photos for the competition. Too bad I didn’t get into anything, next year must come back again with full preparation.



I was shooting down the history moment of eugene, as I saw one of his photo have been chosen and he didn’t believe himself that time. He was mentioning that his heart beeping fast that time…lolz
I use my tele lens shot this up and show it to him that his photo was chosen.

Close up

And he did it!!! The 3rd runner up.
Ok my post end up here. Most post coming soon!!!!!

Steamboat again at Hometown Steamboat Restaurant Genting Klang

This was happen last 2 weeks ago and invited by Jen. Thankz for Eugene fetching me over there ya!! This was my first time to come to this Steamboat Restaurant. Overall was quite ok!!! the soup wast tasty and the ingredient was fresh.

This was like a blogger gathering to me too, people involved were Jen, Rames, Hiew, Adrian, Kate, Hikaru, Jacklyn, Jed, Eri, Eugene, Joshua and crystal.

I met a new blogger there Joshua aka Fazai38 and his beloved Crystal. He sitting besize me and worry about the food would not enough for me so keep on putting food on my bowl, Btw Eugene and Eri did the same things….so paiseh can.lolz…Thankz anyway:D. Before I eat I tot it was a buffet type steamboat told informed by eugene earlier, so I let my stomach empty from the afternoon. Btw, still full stomach in the end by fill in all the mee hun and yee mee.

Shooting session

Joshua, Crystal and Rames

Another group photo

Ok!!! my post end up here

Ahkwong and Myin Wedding dinner session : Actual Wedding Day

I has been lazy to update blog nowadays and until now I only have uploaded Ahkwong and Myin wedding dinner at Ampang Water front Chui Heng Restaurant post…oh gosh. I not so remember any details about that day but before my task start we have a tea session at Ampang waterfont.

Jasonmumbles came all way from Melacca for Akwong and Myin Wedding. Ahkwong’s buddies Louis and Tze Haw also my old classmate as well for assisting and guide for the visitors for the wedding dinner. My other wedding shooting partners Eugene and Hungwei.

Before the dinner start, I done some shots for the environment and dedication for the ceremony.

A funny shot that I have capture for the couple while they were busy guide thier relatives and friends to reach the Reastaurant.

The princess group as them name it themself during secondary time. From the left Catherine, Pei Yee, Myin, Yishan and Koh Poh
Hahaha, Ahkwong had setup a table for bloggers. Mich, Nkwai, Anston, Hiew and Lee Peng

have join this wedding as well.

The ceremony started, so I let the pictures to explain everything.




The yum sing session started…

Rachel, Louise and Danielyc just arrived as well. (picture from the left.

Random Photos


The secondary school classmate group photo.

The APPITIANS group photo.

The Bloggers group photo and thankz for Danielyc for helping to take this photo. My post end up here.