Tekala Waterfall photo session

Oh yeah, this was a very suprise vacation while we went further from the edge to kajang for looking a tune we discover another protected forest here and this place got waterfall as well. Check it from the internet the waterfall name as Tekala fall or Tekala waterfall. Since that the time was still early so we enter just for RM 1 per entry.

The environment was superb and easy for trekking, besides it was so clean and refreshing. Combare to Gabai waterfall which was near there I think I have to climb for many stair to reach upthere. We thinking to come here again as we didn’t bring any clothing for playing water here. As what we said we come here just for shooting but I was so jeolous seeing people playing around there.

Here some random pictures:

As you can see the water was not as rapid as Gabai waterfall and it was single flow and few cascade here.
Tekala waterfall

Photographer aka eugene so concentrate on shooting.
Tekala fall

Tekala fall

Some living things that I capture on the spot.
Tekala fall

Aaron standing on top there.
Tekala fall

Tekala fall
My post end up here.
Tekala fall

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  1. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: thankz

    eugene: thankz for the compliment. make sure send it to me coz i don’t have my own pic for the waterfall

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