Vietnamese Kitchen Style Food : Gathering of S3S1

This was the second time I came to this restaurant which organized by Fongpy. there was six of us which included Anston, Ahkwong, Myin, Tze Min and Kaopeh. The 1st time was in Old Klang road there and this restaurant was located at Leisure Mall and I believe many ppl have try here before.

Vietnam Kitchen
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The food here overall were not bad and taste quite special. Most food here were sweet and spicy especially thier beef was very nice. It is just matter of the price only coz it was more expansive compare to “Mong Kok”, “KopiTiam”…..

Nice Environment is an advance here.
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Tau fu fa with all the nuts, raisin and xue yi.
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Is same with above but serve with kuk fa tea
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Vietnam style Po Piah…. not sure how to name the food…lolz
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Spicy Stingray slice
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Grill pork serve with rice
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The Vietnam ping pun issit?….no idea
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By that time, everybody seems busy. Some busy to take photo, some busy talking, some busy eating…..lolz
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Randoms pic here!!!

Anstonacting cool
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Fongpy, Myin and Anston
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Myin and Fongpy.
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17 thoughts on “Vietnamese Kitchen Style Food : Gathering of S3S1

  1. conan_cat

    i been to vietnam kitchen before and the food was great!! and agree it’s just a matter of price, well all good food comes with a price anyway lol

  2. Liew Post author

    conan_cat: Yay…agree with that but I will poor faster..lolz.

    Rabbit: go buy it !!!! both same cost as RM 4.90+++ aiya shit I forget to state the price.

  3. Nastasshea@Nesh

    Hehe thanks for dropping by! Hey wanna x-change links??? Tell me ya! Ahyoh everytime i visit ur plage i become hungry… ish ish go find Maggi Mee first!

  4. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong:oiyo, sure must fast fastloh….orelse later no mood update…

    Anston: Surelah….myin was not christian but I have no idea what she was praying for….

    huei: Yah, thier food was all very “kai wei” stuff…!!! sure make u feel yummy.

    Nastasshea@Nesh: Spend u……me very poor lah…. AA can?! sure can link u de…no problem

    ritchie: you got MSN moh? let chat.

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  6. Shirley Kam

    i am one of the supervisor in vietnam kithe tchen!i n my boss thanks a lot u all like to eat our food!the one u said don’t know the name the roll is call”fresh prawn roll”.that is the real vietnamese roll!n somemore real vietnamese food that i can recomendation 4 ur is in our menu no.24-special beef noddle soup~!no.106-vietnamese six treasure drink~!no.96-mung&red bean with coconut milk~!n so many!all this is the vietnamese traditional food n drinks!ur can recomend to all ur friend to came to visit us!im one of the staff in vietnam kitchen!my name is Shirley Kam!my outlet is at the Plaza OUG! i will welcome U all!i will give the top service to u all!let u all pay the 10% service charge feel very value!see u all at OUG!

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