Saisaki Japanese Buffet : A.P.P.I.Tians gathering

Actually I am not graduate from APPIT but because of AhKwong I get to knew them for long time since he start studying at this college. We got same interest as well like Dota, Wow ……… but now we all work already so less chance to meet up each other accept Ahkwong coz almost “yum Cha” with him for at least twice a week.

This Japanese buffet section was organize by Ah chew aka Mancerw (blog die already). 12 ppl attend to this section but I am quite unlucky coz need to go back office to continue my work….ok forget about this work stuff and come back to this Restaurant which very near KLCC.
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The inner part of the restaurant…..we came very early so less ppl coming. The buffet dinner will start from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. RM 52 perpax.
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I took less pictures to the food as the camera are not allow in this restaurant…. sienz

Japenese Fried stuff
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Cheese Oyster
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Seafood mix
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Ahkwong-look clumsy
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left(katak), Chew(right) and Monkey(behind)
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Lets game…lolz. Sohai chew ask us to play stupid games.
The games was count fingers: people who lose need to eat this sushi with Extra Wasabi
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The fingers count until me the last number…oh my ’52’!!!!!! I won’t forget this number.
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oh this was really suxxk!! damn!!! I almost want to wormit out.
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Sogua– Shoot here and there but why so dark de.
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random image
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Post End up here…!!! Have a great weekent to everybody.

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7 thoughts on “Saisaki Japanese Buffet : A.P.P.I.Tians gathering

  1. Liew Post author

    aceone118: this was really hot stuff….I kena wormit almost.

    ahkwong: holy crab…i have mix up thier name..lolz

    ritchie: the food…em..oklah but not all are good. yah I did cry…haha

    conan_cat: take some time and went they to makan ^_^

    Huei: em…the sushi were nice and the the sea food also not bad but dun go for the friesd stuff.

    Rabbit: almost…blek….

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