Penang Fried Kuey Teow and Cendol (Day3)

Here come a simple post for this happy Friday!! The third day of Penang trip we went to eat Fried Kuey Teow which highly recommend by Hungwei. The prawn was so huge and freshy although was a bit expansive but is worth it! Taste very delicious!!

Penang Food

Close up shot of the prawn.
Penang Food

After finish the Fried Kuey Teow we continue our food journey at Jalan Penang which near Kamdar there. We went for the famous Cendol of Penang.
Penang Food

Our trip guide Mich
Penang Food

Besides, you will saw many hawker stall there which sells other food.
Penang Food

Here come my favourite cendol!!!! ok my post stop until here and meet you guys at PWTC tomorrow for the Xyouth’08 event.
Penang food

5 thoughts on “Penang Fried Kuey Teow and Cendol (Day3)

  1. Liew Post author

    Clive: Yah!!! it still get in my mind…so juicy

    SilverIsle: go try yeh….but many people!!!

    Jian: hahaha….ask hungwei bring u there..:D

    Chingy: boleh, ambil saja..lolz

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