Penang Food : day 2

Actually before went to the beach we have a lok lok session which Mich brought us there. It was very clean unlike Kuala Lumpur one just simply a truck then you have to stand there and eat.

I have to apologize that I have totaly forgot what place is this if you want to know more you guys and gals can ask Hungwei or Mich. The price of the lok lok were cheaper as well.

My favourite fish balls!!!! Yummy!!! This was a very old stuff okie and now I must reduce food quantity already but somehow I still need to post out to share with you guys.
Penang Food

The eating method was very easy, you just need to take a stick of your flavour and put it into to hot boil water for few minutes and that its. A pot of chillis and balancan is a must fot this lok lok..
Penang Food

Other sides dishes : Mich order this kuih which taste superb with the brown sugar topping.
Penang Food

This taste very good but it was not call rojak. I forget the name already.
Penang Food

Popiah – the inside was different and it contain sups inside. taste not bad
Penang Food

Ais Kacang – taste like sarsi..lolz but not bad. I like the ais cream topping and it serve best during hot weather.
Penang Food
Stop posting until here and more will coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Penang Food : day 2

  1. haan

    theoretically, i’m not. emotionally, i’m. i love pg so much. while in secondary school, today last studying day, the next day i’m in pg already. so i went there for college, 3 years. part of the reason was coz of the food also.

    not sure if i really ate too much last time. nowadays i’m allergic to many food. this and that all cannot eat. and u still blog so much about food!! i just can see see, stopping myself from stepping on pg again.

    else go there, just see but can’t eat, it’s a big torture eh~~

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