Youth ’08 Traffic Jam Blogger Event

This YOUTH ’08 Traffic Jam Blogger event was held last week but too bad I am working on last Saturday so didn’t manage to register. This event was organize by so there will be selected 100 blog to be feature on the event and I went there to support and busybody.

After working I directly went back home to have a nap. I tunning my alarm clock to 3 pm somehow woke up on that time it was raining so I continue sleep again. Then accidently sleep until 5 pm …ohshit so I pack up quickly and rush to the Star LRT. It took about an hour to reach there but still can catching up to meet you guys ya..So paiseh coz I have miss out to see a few bloggers.

Really happy can coz I meet my family there…they was Eugene, Hungwei, Eri, Hiew, Ahkwong, Myin and Mich.
Youth '08

Meet up with Rames
Youth '08

Finally saw Chingy, but hungwei told me that we met before…no idealar. Ipoh met issit..?!
Youth '08

Met PopPop, but….
Youth '08

Met KokFey aka 3point8 from the most left.
Youth '08

Met Shaz…first time met!!! Really tall guy.
Youth '08

Met Kimfei and Chser
Youth '08

others…. I met kennysia, yapthomas….so so…Miss a lot coz I came late…sad.
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14 thoughts on “Youth ’08 Traffic Jam Blogger Event

  1. fattien

    Eri: you should rest more..okie!!!

    Smashpop: haha

    Ndmervin: I think so….lolz. Maybe looking left make his face shape look more better.

    Huei: I went there late already…miss a lot..

    Yatz: yalah!!!

    Ahkwong: yawor…hahaha

    Chingy: dun lau lar….smile back smile back… just kidding only

    Jian: duuno…lolz as i came late.

  2. chris

    omggg u were there? i think i spoke to u somemore (i think la, all the light make me dizzy lol)

    sigh, wish i knew more ppl 🙂

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