Dinner at Leng Kee Restaurant : Cheras

Last Saturday evening me, Anston and nkwai, hiew and Lee Peng having dinner at Leng Kee Restaurant which was located at Cheras. After photo session from Batu Caves, we met Hiew and Lee Peng at 1st station then he lead us to Leng kee Restaurant.

From Left to right : Anston, Hiew and Lee Peng


From left to right: Nkwai and me


Sorry that the food picture not so nice this time, I am not concentric on snapping coz too hungry already due to a lot energy releasing in Batu Caves especially climbing to step up to the caves… hehe.

Here came the Steam Fish, sauce was superb. the meet of the fish was fresh and not contain the taste smelly sand inside.


The Fried vegetables, taste normal but too small portion for us to eat….


Claypot Taufu – Japanese Taufu with veges..


Roast Chicken, em… taste normal but must attempt with the salt. it make the taste a bit different.


Fried Fu Yong Egg.


I dunno how to name this food, fried sea snail?! hehe


Overall food is normal but I heard that the crab was nice here but didn’t try it… I rate it 6/10 for this Restaurant.

The adress for this Leng Kee Restaurant:
No.2, Jalan 30A/119, Taman Tanyton View, Cheras 56100. Kuala Lumpur.

Ok!!! 😀 my post end up here.

12 thoughts on “Dinner at Leng Kee Restaurant : Cheras

  1. Andy

    This place has been famous with their dishes. Have been there and tried their food, not bad but a bit pricey, and that was about 2 years ago. Dont know about now. How much you paid for everything ? CHeers.

  2. Liew Post author

    Andy: The price is around RM90++, not so worth it coz too small portion..lolz

    Huei: Hey!!! I luv prawn crackers too

    Amei79: I know that but crab really expansive and end month some more…lolz

    melvin, foong: I luv that!!! very gou yan ar..eat until can’t stop!!

    Princess Eileen: dun wait and just go to take ur meal…hehe

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