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Celebration for Christmas Eve and New Year Eve.

Celebration for Christmas Eve

Oh no, this was a very old stuff to update and I was been lazy to update this period. I not quite remember what I did on Christmas eve but what I know was the Italianese which give me a very unforgetable night and I am not going to blog about this if u guys want to know more about this you can click to Hungwei site. The food was so expansive and yerks…. If you guys want to try better don’t go for any festival.

I came with Myin, Ahkwong and Hungwei.
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It was a very nice place for couple as dining purpose.
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The food we order for the night. it was not even can full my stomach as it was only 2 sets only. The total was RM 205 + +
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So after that I went to Kimgary end up with a Seafood Cheese bake rice which cost less then RM20…. sad and it was taste better then Italianexxx. After dining we went to the Curve for Count down with Beh and her Gal fren Adrienne.
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The next day of Christmas we gather again with Eugene, Lynn, hungwei, ahkwong, Myin and Nkwai at Berjaya Timesquare for AVP 2. This movie really not that good as well so before enter the movie we have some shots for the christmas tree firsts.
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Eugene and Hungwei jump shot.
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Kwong, Lynn and Myin kicking shot.
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Celebration for New Year Eve

Yoz!!!! I think New Year Eve celebration was a lot more better then Christmas eve. We went to Klang to have our seafood. They was Nkwai, eugene, Hungwei, Lynn, Ahkwong and Myin. It took us about 45 minutes to reach that Klang’s Seafood Village.

Port Klang Village.
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Our pics during the dinner.
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Instead of taking picture for the foods I did snap some pic for thier expression while taking photo on the food.

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Ahkwong and myin was holding on the External flash light.
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The food we order at Port Klang Seafood Restaurant.

The Salt egg Fried Crab. The Juice was taste better than the Crab. The Crab meat was too dry and the legs have no meat all. Quiet Dissapointment.
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Fried Chicken with lemon flavour. Taste normal.
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Fried egg with Oyster. Taste normal.
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Fried Sotong. I think this was the best food of the night.
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Marmie Crab. Is better than the salt egg one but the meat still sucks!!!
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The Total price is RM 200 ++ for all the dishes. Not quite satisfied and the dishes was very small portion. After the meal we went to Desa Petaling hills for the year count down. I can’t manage to get nice photo that night and I give up to snap fireworks that night. It was so great as I can see more then 4 area put up fireworks at the same time and it was an unforgetable night..so sweet…

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My post end up here and the Penang post will continue for the next post.

Dinner at Leng Kee Restaurant : Cheras

Last Saturday evening me, Anston and nkwai, hiew and Lee Peng having dinner at Leng Kee Restaurant which was located at Cheras. After photo session from Batu Caves, we met Hiew and Lee Peng at 1st station then he lead us to Leng kee Restaurant.

From Left to right : Anston, Hiew and Lee Peng


From left to right: Nkwai and me


Sorry that the food picture not so nice this time, I am not concentric on snapping coz too hungry already due to a lot energy releasing in Batu Caves especially climbing to step up to the caves… hehe.

Here came the Steam Fish, sauce was superb. the meet of the fish was fresh and not contain the taste smelly sand inside.


The Fried vegetables, taste normal but too small portion for us to eat….


Claypot Taufu – Japanese Taufu with veges..


Roast Chicken, em… taste normal but must attempt with the salt. it make the taste a bit different.


Fried Fu Yong Egg.


I dunno how to name this food, fried sea snail?! hehe


Overall food is normal but I heard that the crab was nice here but didn’t try it… I rate it 6/10 for this Restaurant.

The adress for this Leng Kee Restaurant:
No.2, Jalan 30A/119, Taman Tanyton View, Cheras 56100. Kuala Lumpur.

Ok!!! 😀 my post end up here.