Rainbow over my living place : Sri Petaling

I remember last Friday while I was walking from LRT I saw a rainbow just in front of me. This was the 1st time I ever saw at my place which was locate at Sri Petaling. I know many of you guys might saw it before….cheh!!! but I am a city guy ya, you know. It just rare to see this Rainbow on top of the Carefour and the size was so huge.


It was dangerous to take along the road site but I don’t care anything as I just want to snap it down. If the motorcyclist come to rob my camera I use my huge body to knock them..lolz.


The clouds was not so nice that day but still manage to get a few pics there.

Once you saw it, you must be quick to snap it down as it will just dissapear in few minutes. Hope you all like this Rainbow pics and my post end up here.

11 thoughts on “Rainbow over my living place : Sri Petaling

  1. conancat

    aww when was that oh!! 😀 i didn’t see de haha… prolly i’m seldom out there at that time of the day. thanks for showing rainbow! 😀 i live in sri petaling also seldom see rainbow haha

  2. Liew Post author

    Conancat: Hah!!! Now only know you stay at Sri petaling…..lolz

    Neo: hehehe, thankz for the skyz

    Anston: Lolz

    Huei: next time must quick!! 😀

    Princess Eileen: I think you read too much Farrie Tale jor…hahaha

  3. Liew Post author

    Maria: Yah, it did remind me that when I was small… so sweet. By the way thankz for dropping by.

    Ringo: It make everybody happy. Rainbow is peaceful and harmony for me.

    JJ: hehe 😀

  4. melvin,foong

    @Princess Eileen with the traffic situation in KL/Sri Petaling, I think by the time Fattien gets there, the rainbow gone already.

    It is hard to spot a rainbow in the city because of the amount of air polutant that reflects the light in certain way. Having a good rainbow in the city is very very rare, and you are darn lucky to be able to catch it on camera!

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