Visit FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) : Photo Session 2

Oh, sorry guys and gals!! I have been attend many stuff this few days so I am not able to update proberly. I continue the the previous post about FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) from last friday. An advice to you all if you all want to get more better image try to reach by 6.30 am and so you can get the rays of light inside the forest due to the haze and light shading. Too bad we reach later then 7. 30 am.


I took the photo from the little gal and I am obeservate what she was doing there. Then I found another little guy also and it give me some inspiration on photographing.


This post I will show out more waterfalls from FRIM. Althought the waterfall is not too nice compare to other wellknow waterfalls but it was a safe place to learn waterfall shots.



There was one place I have missed to take pic coz there was a couple taking wedding pics. hahaha, but might planning to shot this next time.

Other than waterfalls I spot other things too….

Monkeys again.


I tought it was a mushroom at the begining but my fren told that this was call “Ling Zhi” and it was a type of Chinese herb.

Oh yeah!!! I found a very nice wooden bridge here.

I snap Ahkhai while he was ignoring.

The forest inside FRIM.

We do camho a bit. Thankz for ahkhai helping me to take this pic.

Ahkhai Kiasu as well try to post as well…lolz. Ok then, my post stop until here and for the next post will be canopy walk.

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