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Visit FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) : Photo Session FINAL

Ok now comtinue back to this FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) and I am going finish this post off coz still got many pending behind. After the waterfall we went to the Canopy walk. I tot it was just few step away but actually is not. It took me 3 hours from to hike there…phew.


So random pics here.

Along the road side I spot something to snap. This mushroom is rare to see anywhere. Nice to see but not nice to touch.



A flower that I capture wah passing to the path to Canopy walkway.

Spot a special scene from the the top of the forest, saw a rabbit ear shape.

The path was quite long and we did took some rest along the way. By that time we do some camhoring.

Say cheese from khai sister.

Ahkhai ask me to take this pic while he was posing.

Too bad the time we reach the Canopy Walkway it was not in service. so we have to come next time.

This pic was taken from Wikimedia coz I have no chance to take it from there. What I heard from friend it was quite scary as you were walking in a very tall position. It was not suitable for people that affraid of height. Ok then my post end up here.

Visit FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) : Photo Session 2

Oh, sorry guys and gals!! I have been attend many stuff this few days so I am not able to update proberly. I continue the the previous post about FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) from last friday. An advice to you all if you all want to get more better image try to reach by 6.30 am and so you can get the rays of light inside the forest due to the haze and light shading. Too bad we reach later then 7. 30 am.


I took the photo from the little gal and I am obeservate what she was doing there. Then I found another little guy also and it give me some inspiration on photographing.


This post I will show out more waterfalls from FRIM. Althought the waterfall is not too nice compare to other wellknow waterfalls but it was a safe place to learn waterfall shots.



There was one place I have missed to take pic coz there was a couple taking wedding pics. hahaha, but might planning to shot this next time.

Other than waterfalls I spot other things too….

Monkeys again.


I tought it was a mushroom at the begining but my fren told that this was call “Ling Zhi” and it was a type of Chinese herb.

Oh yeah!!! I found a very nice wooden bridge here.

I snap Ahkhai while he was ignoring.

The forest inside FRIM.

We do camho a bit. Thankz for ahkhai helping me to take this pic.

Ahkhai Kiasu as well try to post as well…lolz. Ok then, my post stop until here and for the next post will be canopy walk.

Visit FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) : Photo Session

Last Sunday I went to FRIM ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia ) with Ah Khai and her sister. The location was at Kepong and it was one of the Government Protected Forest. It was a nice place for hiking, waterfall, walkway to the hanging bridge, jogging and Plants. It was too bad that I have to get there by early 6.30 am on the morning becoz it was my sleeping day besides I just sleep only an hour due to dakei session with Ahkwong and his DOTA kaki


My eyes was painful due to lack of sleep and we reach there by 7.00 am. Along the highway I saw the beauty of sun raising and I have been long time no seeing this already. Thankz to khai’s sister as she prepare breakfast for us.

It requires RM 5 for the entry and will charge extra RM 1 each person. Once we enter we difficult to find ourself carparks and how come so many cars here. As a result, we found there was a Jogathon there thats the reason of so many cars.

I really like the big tree here and it was so tall and huge. Eventhough I only have less then hour sleeping but I can’t feel sleepy at the moment due to the comfortable green environment.
big tree

Found a wooden tree house but I not dare to climb as I scare while I climb up it will collapse.
tree house

Before went to the hanging bridge there we went to the waterfall area and take some shots over there. So here was the random pics I took from there.
wet land

wet land

I heard from Khai normaly thier photography class will come here to do shooting on trees, composition …. I really agree that this place was good for shooting coz the no need to climb like Gabai waterfall for risking the camera drop into the water..lolz.

Crystal clear water surface and beautiful scenery although the waterfall cannot compare with Gabai waterfall.

Group picture. Me, ahkhai and her sister.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I took a few pics for the nice texture of Yis as the beautiful creation of God.

Spot a little gal from far…….

Close up to this gal. Want to know what happen? Next Monday, Stay tune.
little gal