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Chinese New Year Review

Oh yeah, I am back to blog again. Too much pending for the Chinese New Year happening so I try to make everything in one post and make it short.

1st Day of Chinese New Year:Going out for visiting the frens and relatives.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year:Going to Kampar and taking photograph at the side of highway relax park.




Discover big insect shell on the plant surface.

Reach Kampar and trying thier famous mee sup. *Slurp !!!, a lot of ingredient especially those fried stuff.

Fish Ball Loo shu fen

The second day of Chinese New Year during evening session: After dinner we went to Ipoh to visit ahkwong classmate from Appit.

The third day of Chinese New Year: Continue our journey from Ipoh to Penang.

The tunnel

After 2 hours we reach the Penang bridge. oh well CNY post end up here and more stuff will coming up soon.

Lake View From Kampar

During this Chinese New Year I have been to Kampar, Ipoh and Penang. Sometimes we usually go from small road instead just driving to the highway as we can spot for some nice rocky mountain and nice scenery for photography. We stop around at the Lake of Kampar which was famous for residents there coming for here for fishing purpose. The weather was really blue that day and of coz blue sky means very hot as well in Malaysia but luckily still got some wind to cool us up.

Ahkwong Myvi…lolz.

The reflection.
Kampar lake view

Green environment. Sometimes no money to travel overseas maybe this kind of place was a very good ideal for visit..lolz.
Kampar lake view

Dragonfly but not as big as Semonyih water dam.

Another lake view from different angle.
Kampar lake view