Chinese New Year Review

Oh yeah, I am back to blog again. Too much pending for the Chinese New Year happening so I try to make everything in one post and make it short.

1st Day of Chinese New Year:Going out for visiting the frens and relatives.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year:Going to Kampar and taking photograph at the side of highway relax park.




Discover big insect shell on the plant surface.

Reach Kampar and trying thier famous mee sup. *Slurp !!!, a lot of ingredient especially those fried stuff.

Fish Ball Loo shu fen

The second day of Chinese New Year during evening session: After dinner we went to Ipoh to visit ahkwong classmate from Appit.

The third day of Chinese New Year: Continue our journey from Ipoh to Penang.

The tunnel

After 2 hours we reach the Penang bridge. oh well CNY post end up here and more stuff will coming up soon.

4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Review

  1. Liew Post author

    Huei: is good for me as diet…lolz. So next time I eat food will think of that insects.

    Kitkat: Omg!!! that was awful..lolz

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