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PASTAMANIA : My first Meal at Pavilion

Last Saturday I came to pavilion to having my 1st meal at Pasta Mania before shooting ESPRIT fashion show and SODA Spokesperson Dylan & Yumiko Autography event. This Pastamania restaurant was highly recommend by Ahkwong and Myin, and they have tried this at Singapore before. They mention that the taste of the Sphegetti and the sauce was unique compare to others but I not so interested for Italian food so just try it on.

I order this package that come with a Garlic Bread, super cruchy!!!!

and a bowl of tomato creamy soup. The taste was just nice and I dunno how to describe in english “Ngam ngam hou” but the bowl not nice looking..lolz

I order this Bake cheese rice that serve with ham and sausage inside. The cost was RM14.90. I rate it 9/10 and it was more better than Hong Kong style restaurant.bake_cheese

Ahkwong order this Ham Pasta. It cost around RM 11.90. I didn’t try this.

Myin order this Chicken slice Pasta. I try a bit on it….Oh my god it was taste superb!!!. This was the best ever pasta I eat so far(Don’t mind I said so because I not order this speghetti stuff frequently). I rate it 10/10.

Ok I post until here. Stay tune and more update coming soon.